nikoniko handmade (ニコニコ)

nikoniko handmade (ニコニコ)

香港的手工品牌「nikoniko handmade ®」 成立於2013年9月。 現專注於人造樹脂工藝, 把宇宙及大自然帶到大家身邊,透過作品跟大家分享生活中的一些想法。

品牌的名字來自日文「ニコニコ」,微笑的意思, 希望通過手工做出讓人看著﹑甚至帶上就能產生快樂感受的小物。

「Enjoy the little things in life」是品牌想帶出的訊息, 「珍惜」這個課題似乎是一輩子的,因為習慣了便會忘記,所以要時刻提醒自己; 而飾物是很好的媒介,貼身也最常接觸得到,希望戴上我們的作品也能記得背後的意思。


Nikoniko Handmade® is a handmade jewelry brand, based in Hong Kong. Inspired by nature & solar system, created by hand, with love. | Est. 2013

We are focusing on using resin and other componments, with our the color mixing skills, to create wearable art with universe and nature in the jewelry design. It is not only art but also message in the jewelry. Our core message is to bring out " Love " & " Cherish ", and we believe daily jewelry is a good media to remind us "cherish every little things in life" everyday.